So about that last post…

So typical of my life. The second I think something is completely done for sure, it never is. This seriously happens to me all. of. the. time!

The Fighter texted me last night.

Granted, it’s only been a week, but before that week we hadn’t spoken in three weeks and it’s been sparse communication for even longer. He asked how I was and said that he was moving out of his apartment so he was remembering the good times we had there. He’s moving to a different (much further away) city for a couple months. We then decided he would call me after about 20 minutes and we talked for almost two hours on the phone until his phone died.

It was so good to hear from him. It’s been two months since I’ve seen or spoken to him and now that it feels like we’re both in a good place, it was fun. Luckily, it didn’t turn in to a relationship discussion but we talked about how we both feel the same as far as still caring for each other but knowing it’s not going to work right now.

It almost feels like this is worse, though. Still feeling and caring for someone with your heart, but knowing in your head it’s not going to happen. We talked about how it feels like there’s closure on the situation but definitely not on the feelings. Has anyone ever experienced this or know how to deal with this type of a situation? I’m curious how things like this end up, especially if you see them again after you’ve both met someone else?

He hinted a couple times about wishing we were talking in person and maybe seeing each other before he leaves… but who knows.

Here’s to trying to be strong (at least in my brain if nothing else) until he does.

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