And That’s Who I Am

No, I am not Rosemary’s granddaughter, but I am “the spitting image” of my father as far as personality, and my mom probably is my biggest fan.

My parents got divorced when I was 11 years old and being the pre-teen I was, I was angry at my mom for quite awhile since it was her decision. Now that I’m older I can understand both of their sides a little more and my relationship with my mom is completely normal and healthy. I don’t really even remember what it was like when they were married and I can’t really even see how they ever were because they’re complete opposites.

My dad is a more strict obedience type of guy, follows the rules not only because they’re there and to avoid trouble, but because of the way he is by nature and the principle of it. He’s not a risk taker, avoids danger of any sort (besides sports in his younger days), doesn’t like trying new things or going out of his comfort zone and genuinely is and always has been a really great guy.

My mom is more of a free spirit, go with the flow, it-doesn’t-matter type of person and definitely is more carefree. She loved taking risks and doing more extreme activities such as skiing when she was younger.

I am much more like my dad, my first brother is much more like my mom, and the second brother is somewhat of a combination. As a child I was really really shy and timid in trying new things. I was also the oldest child so my parents were timid with me also. The second child was my polar opposite and since we’re only 16 months apart we were very close and helped to balance each other and teach each other new things. The third just rounded us all as a whole.

As I grew older I became more comfortable trying new things and don’t consider myself to be very shy any more. One of my friends once said that I’m “quiet but not shy” and I think it’s a perfect description. I have a more quiet voice and sometimes don’t speak up in a large group or around new people but I’m definitely not shy.

In college I’ve taken quite a few personality tests (which I find completely interesting) and before, was categorized as an introvert, but within the past couple years it has changed to extroverted. I love talking to people, getting to know them, how they think, and what their little quirks are. I love having good conversation and hearing other people’s opinions on things (even if they’re different or I don’t agree). I would hope that this blog could be that or that I can be that for others.

My personality type is an ENFJ, which stands for Extrovert, Intuition, Feeling, and Judgement. Here is the test it was based off of:

What personality characteristics do you have or what personality type are you? (word of caution- it is 72 questions, but doesn’t take too long if it interests you).

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