Call it fate, destiny

Most people, including myself, will meet someone without even the slightest hint of how that person can change the course of their life forever.

You may not realize it for a month, a year, or even until their out of your life for good that there was a purpose. Hindsight really is 20/20.

A lot of pe0ple believe in fate, serendipity, a higher power, or may pass it off as a mere coincidence. I personally believe that people are put into our lives for a reason, or us in theirs.

Obviously there are coincidental meetings or people you meet that there doesn’t appear to be a reason behind the meeting. But people that you develop relationships with, friendships with, and care about? Not coincidental in my opinion.

Sometimes the reason is obvious from the beginning, or sometimes it takes awhile to figure out what the reason was/is. Sometimes it was  for them, for you, or mutually beneficial. Sometimes the relationship seemed or ended bad, but you still learned something from it. I think you can always learn something from anyone.

How many times has that one person been in the right place at the right time? Stories of a doctor being there when someone needed assistance, a woman helping another woman that has been harmed, strangers, neighbors, friends, or even family. I truly believe that God can’t physically help people all the time, so we are inspired or led to help others and in certain circumstances, act for God on earth (cue the Alabama song “Angels Among Us”).

A girl I met almost exactly one year ago from now, is now one of my very best friends (Stylist- she does hair). We met at my apartment complex and then she moved into my apartment for a little while. Being that it’s a college atmosphere, not many people are from the same place but yet we grew up (and our families still live) about 8 blocks away from each other. She came into my life at a time when things with my friends weren’t good. I felt like I didn’t have them as friends and couldn’t trust them any more. It was to the point where I would rather sit at home doing nothing on the weekends then put myself in those types of situations. How do you even make new GIRL friends though? It seems creepy to be like “Hey so can we be friends? What’s your number? Let’s hang out.” But somehow it worked and she is one of the very best friends a girl could ask for. (And it’s since gotten better with my friends too thank goodness). I definitely think that we were meant to be friends and that we were put in each other’s lives at the right time and for a reason. There are so many other girls, friends, and even roommates that I feel the same way about. The support and friendship that women can offer each other is unlike anything else.

It felt that way with The Fighter also. He used to drink a lot and hadn’t drank for three years. The very first night he started again? Was the night that we met. He had just broken up with an ex that treated him poorly and he seemed a little emotionally damaged. I wanted him to know how great of a person he was, and that I wasn’t psycho  like her at all and that not every girl is like that. Little did I know what a strong influence he would be on me as well. Just the way that he treated me made me want to be a better person and made me realize what I deserve and how I deserve to be treated by a guy. He asked me one time why I thought it was that we met and I said “to show each other what we both deserve,” and I still believe that.

Now that I’ve bored you to tears, my point is just that I don’t think people are “accidentally” put into our lives. One time The Fighter also said that he thinks that God is very careful of who he puts into my life, which is why I don’t meet people (guys) that often that I would want to date. I think the same is true for most people. Think about how rare it would be to meet ONE person out of billions of people that gets you and loves you and that you love the same. It can’t just be coincidence.

Whatever it is you believe, call it fate, destiny, or “something bigger,” I’m sure glad that it works. 

Call it fate
Call it luck you ended up with me
But some things are meant to be
Or something bigger that’s just out of our hands
Oh some things are meant to be
– Sammy Kershaw

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3 Responses to Call it fate, destiny

  1. Shannon says:

    I’ll just say AMEN to that.

  2. Stylist says:

    Awww I love you!!! I’m so glad you’re in my life too! We are totally MFEO 🙂

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