Don’t be fallin’ in love, as she’s walkin’ away

You know what I like? I like when a guy is confident and brave enough to walk up to a girl, start talking to her, and ask for her number if he wants it. If it’s not a number he’s after, I like when any guy will just go up to a girl or a group of girls and try to get to know them.

I like when guys have a certain amount of game, swagger, whatever you wanna call it. I feel like I know enough about “the game” to realize when it’s happening and to know what to do, and I love when a guy has the know-how to play it and play it good. Even if they don’t and they’re a complete nerd, I can respect the fact that they put themselves out there and are trying.

My personal philosophy is why the heck not try? Might as well because you have nothing to lose. Worst case scenario, they don’t like you and you move on to the next. They weren’t in your life to begin with so it shouldn’t hurt too bad if it doesn’t work right?

Basically all that a guy has to do is go up to a girl or girls, say some funny or witty remark, and then he can introduce himself and carry on with the plan. There was a funny show on VH1 one time called “The Pickup Artist,” where this creepy/unattractive man they called “Mystery” helped a bunch of nerdy guys pick up women. Did anyone else ever see that show? (please tell me someone else did) But the main point was that this is exactly what the guys did. They joked and teased girls, made sure to be nice to the friends (so they didn’t follow girl code and rescue the target), and eventually asked them either for their number or if they wanted to leave.

That’s all it takes. Those guys weren’t the most attractive guys on the planet, but as they worked their game they gained more confidence they were able to talk to girls. I think that’s ultimately what girls want. This also correlates with my philosophy on why “nice guys finish last,” is because they’re too nice, or they’re not confident or don’t have game. The guys that are sure of themselves and comfortable with their game are usually the ones that get the girls even if they’re the “bad boy” type that we get sucked in to sometimes, that’s why.

My point is that I appreciate when men are men about dating and have confidence in themselves (how many times have I said confidence now? 4 I just counted, not as bad as I thought). “Don’t be fallin’ in love as she’s walkin’ away!” Go talk to her! I’m sure guys are just as scared of rejection as girls are, but you might as well try, and most girls will at least give it a shot and be nice unless you’re a total creep (in which case, there’s bigger problems and I can’t help you). Most girls are waiting for you to take control and initiate the talking in the first place, so just do us a favor and do it. Alright? Alright.

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