I Saw The Light

I’m back lovelies!

Finals are “finally” over (get it, get it?) and so is school, praise the heavens. For now anyways… but we won’t think about that yet and just relish in the moment. <insert sigh of relief>

Last night I went to my mom’s house to just hang out and veg since I haven’t seen her in awhile and finally have the free time.

Something that my mom and I have always shared is our love for Oprah (cue the eye rolls I’m sure, but hey it’s our thing and I love her). Even though the madre doesn’t get the OWN channel, her DVR records some of the episodes of Oprah’s “Lifeclass” so we got caught up on a couple episodes last night and they both were so enlightening and mind blowing that of course I have to discuss it.

You guys. I don’t know why this concept is so new and amazing to me, but it is. Here is the main point she made in one of the episodes:

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

When someone SHOWS you who they are. BELIEVE them. The FIRST time.

If someone is showing you who they are by their actions, believe them, and believe them the first time instead of the 29th time.

If someone TELLS you who they are, believe them even more because nobody knows them better than they know themselves.

She gives examples and clips from different shows that showcase what she is talking about and are so obvious to the outside viewer. In the cases of significant others, if they have shown that they have the potential to hide secrets, treat you horribly, be jealous, etc, believe them. If they say they’re an a-hole or that they’re crazy or weird, believe them.

This concept made me take a serious look at myself, and the people and men in my life. How am I showing or telling people who I am? What are signs that I should be noticing about who guys really are? If I’ve noticed signs, why do I continue to ignore them and figure out the hard way AGAIN who they really are after the 29th time? *

On the flip side, if someone shows you that they’re a good, caring person? Believe them. This hit me pretty hard too because there have been times where I have ignored someone’s good qualities just because of my own past heartaches or superficial reasons.

Obviously there is forgiveness and people can change, but for the most part- if someone shows you who they are, believe them. And believe them sooner rather than later. Recognize people for their good or bad, and get rid of negative influences before they have to repeat who they really are, for you to see it. Such a clear and simple concept, and probably my new mantra.

Here is a link to six clips from this episode in case you’re interested, I found the whole thing completely fascinating, obviously. 🙂


*The title of this post comes from Brooks and Dunn’s “Brand New Man” and this song totally just came on Pandora at this point in the post! Pretty sure that means my title was inspired haha and love this song!

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5 Responses to I Saw The Light

  1. Shannon says:

    Welcome back!Isn’t amazing how the simple statements are the most obvious? Sometimes we miss those.

  2. Kiah says:

    To second the first commenter…welcome back! Good to see you around these parts again. I feel like life can be repeating the same lessons and phrases over and over again, rolling them around in our mouth, until we can somehow regurgitate the information. A somewhat odd (chewing) analogy, but it came to mind. haha

    • Country Girl says:

      Thanks Kiah! Haha I love the chewing analogy!! It’s so true that sometimes we just don’t have the right words to say things we already know. Thank goodness I found the regurgitation on this one! 😉

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