No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem

Since this song talks about the islands, I figured it’s the closest song possible to introduce a new player to the game.

Enter: The Hawaiian.

This is a guy that I honestly didn’t think anything would come from.

The first night that I saw him, we were at a local restaurant that had just started karaoke nights. I hadn’t seen him in the audience until he got up and sang “My Girl” (how adorable is that?) and I told my girls that I thought he was cute. One of my friends wrote a note as a joke that said something like “I’ll be your girl 🙂 (name and phone number)” and then another friend passed it over to him. My back was to him and I was too embarrassed to turn around, and then he left shortly after that.

I wasn’t expecting anything with this one, but he called two days later and asked me out.

That first night we met was his birthday. Anyone wanna guess how young old he turned?? The whopping age of 22. Half Hawaiian/half white. From Hawaii. Not as experienced with girls as I’m used to but is genuinely a really good guy.

The first date, he had joked that we should make a snowman (yeah kinda nerdy) but then he remembered that his uncle and other relatives were having a b-day part for all the January birthdays (4 total), and he invited me to go with him as his date. First date, practically a blind date, and meeting the extended fam = freaking out Country Girl.

That night actually ended up being really fun and seeing him play with all the little kids (the little girl cousins in particular adored him and were loving me too) kinda made me melt. Everyone was really nice, we had a good time, and drove home. When he was dropping me off he said that we’d have to make that snowman still, and I thought I’d never hear from him again.

That was a Friday. On Monday, he called to tell me the “bad news,” that it wasn’t supposed to snow all week.

We discussed how we would both be at karaoke again the following day so we’d see each other there .

At karaoke nights, they (randomly) offer free limo rides around the block so he suggested we do that, and even though his roommates came, I liked that he took the initiative. He also set up another date for that weekend again.

This time it was a “picnic” up the canyon. Even though this winter has been pretty mild thankthegoodheavens and the sun was out, it was still freezing and the wind was really cold. Walking up to the spot where we ate was pretty treacherous on ice- in flats mind you- but once we got to the spot it was really pretty. We were secluded looking out at the sun hitting the snow on the meadow. We ate and talked and then he asked if he could kiss me.

After awhile of that (and the death walk back), we went back to my apartment and just laid there and talked and laughed. It was then that I realized that I felt really comfortable with him, just like I had with The Fighter. It felt comfortable in his arms and I felt like I could completely be myself and he would still like it.

The ex-player in me started freaking out after he left (which is always when that flares up, after they leave) because it seems like he really likes me and I was worried that kissing him made it worse.

I don’t know if I’m ready to jump in to dating someone officially right now with Shy Guy still somewhat in the mix. I haven’t seen him since that last time when we had the talk, but we still talk occasionally. Liking someone besides him and giving him up without closure is a hard thought.

Despite the freakouts, I can tell that from both ends, Hawaiian isn’t going anywhere any time soon. I’m trying to cling to the positive things and get through this stage because he’s such a good guy with a lot of potential. 

Funny how I’m 26 and finally meet a guy that basically has everything I would want, and then I freak out because it’s so perfect. Too good to be true. I can’t possibly be ready even though this is what I’ve wanted for so long.

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