Don’t You Wanna Stay?

I had met this guy a long time ago. We always saw each other at dances and he would jokingly try and dance with me and would always make comments about my booty figure. {Did I mention I have a huge one? Because I do…}

Annnyways, he was young as they always are, albeit really attractive. He even got my number one night and texted me awhile later but I didn’t respond. That might’ve been a little harsh but I could tell he was a little too crazy for me and definitely a lot too young. After that he moved to Cali and I didn’t see him for a long time.

Fast forward a couple years after that. I would sometimes go hang out at different types of gatherings with different groups of guys. One guy in particular that I was friends with would always invite me over to hang out with the guys. I had no interest in him whatsoever, but I’d go to hang out and see who else was there. (Does that make me a bad person??)

He invited me over one night to up to his house and lo and behold, there is that boy that I used to see, but he is now more grown up and sexy as ever.

After he had convinced me to play with his hair for awhile and the sexual tension had built up to a boiling point, in a moment of complete spontaneity he told me to meet him in the bathroom in five and got up and left… so after a couple minutes, I followed.

Cue HOT makeout sesh. He finally got his hands on my booty he had admired for so long, I was pressed up on the sink, and it was probably the hottest makeout ever (and I’ve had a lot). He thought it was gonna go all the way but I don’t get down like that (I wish) so it only lasted about ten minutes, and we went back out.

I didn’t see him or talk to him after that for another two years (but had added him on Facebook after a couple months), until last fall (during the Shy Guy era),  when I saw him at a reggae concert. We said hi and he wrote on my fb wall afterwards and just said good to see you. At the time, I was all-in with Shy Guy and was worried about what he would think seeing it on there so I just kept it casual in my response. From what I could tell, this guy (I jokingly call him Moo so that’s what I’ll just call him here) had changed his life around and seemed like a really good guy now, so it kinda killed me inside that I couldn’t respond the way I wanted to when there was that chance.

After Shy Guy ended, the Hawaiian entered pretty quick so I was stuck in that one for a couple months. Once that one ended too, I messaged Moo a couple weeks later on the off-chance that it could maybe finally work out. He messaged back right away, got my number again, and we texted from there.

A week later, we were making out in a parking lot outside of a dance, joking about that time two years earlier.

That was at the beginning of March and we’ve been hanging out ever since.

This relationship with Moo has been more of a booty call type (no pun intended) because all along, we’ve both known that he’s going to be leaving soon. As in, right now as I type this, three weeks from today.

He’s 21. The same age as the Hawaiian, but is so much more mature and experienced. We click physically and mentally in a way that works and is perfect. We have the same style of romance and humor and we just get each other. We’ll be passionate one moment and then talking and laughing the next.

The thing I like about Moo, is that even though we both know that it’s just for fun and probably isn’t gonna ever work out, when we hang out he treats it like we’re dating and like he adores me. He’s a smooth talker but I know that he’s being genuine. The last time we pulled an all-nighter hung out he asked if I’ve ever met a guy’s family (The Fighter was the only one) and casually mentioned that it’d cool if he met my dad. He made the comment “gosh just have my babies already… think how cute they’d be with my color and your blue eyes.” He asked if I thought I’d be single by the time he gets back in a few years… and I replied that honestly I hope not, but if I’m not then I’m all his. He joked back that even I’m married he’s comin for me, especially if it’s a white guy haha.

It’s sad that all of this adds up to nothing because I really like Moo and he’s adorable and sexy. Let’s pray that I’m not STILL single by then, but it’s nice to have a back-up I guess, and it’s been fun while it lasted. I’m really gonna miss him and even back in March I said I was already depressed he was leaving.

Now that he is leaving, I’m feeling the pressure of finding someone to actually date. I will officially have no more options after he leaves so it’s back to the single drawing-board-of-crap I go. In three weeks, of course.

Don’t you wanna stay here a little while?
Don’t you wanna hold each other tight?
Don’t you wanna fall asleep with me tonight?
Don’t you wanna stay here a little while?
We can make forever feel this way
Don’t you wanna stay?
-Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson

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