At the end of May, I randomly started creepily stalking following this guy that was a stranger on Instagram that I had found through one of my followers.

I thought he was adorable and I could tell from his pictures and comments that he was a good guy. I became frustrated by the fact that there’s basically no way to flirt with someone on instagram… the only options are to like the picture or leave a comment about the actual picture but there’s no way to actually talk directly to the person. His username was complicated and not his real name (therefore I couldn’t find a facebook), so I figured I was just bound to the fate of never being able to talk to him, but continued to like and comment on a few pictures in the meantime.

After about a month of this irritating limitation, it dawned on me that maybe he had a twitter with the same unique username. I don’t know why I had never thought of this before because I usually try all avenues possible to stalk meet someone. Miraculously, he did have a twitter with that same username.

I wrote him a message, he wrote back, I wrote back, and that’s where it ended. I thought maybe it was a dead end, but then after awhile we started responding to each others’ tweets and shamelessly flirting back and forth.

After a few long twitter conversations, I messaged him my number so our conversations didn’t have to be so public. We began texting mid-July and it was still pretty casual even though we still flirted like teenagers.


As I sit typing this, I just realized that I have a mapquest window open of the distance between us because I was curious to see what it looks like on a map. Across his entire state and halfway across mine. Bordering states, but nowhere close to the borders. Eight hours away, to be exact.


Through our texting and tweeting, he eventually said that he was coming to my state for a family reunion (a week from when he told me). I suggested a twitter meet-up and he said he was “so down.” He was going to be here from a Thursday to Monday, but ended up staying until Wednesday. He originally had said that Thursday was probably going to be our best bet but that fell through, so Friday the 3rd it was.

Before meeting him, I was really nervous about how it going to go. Someone can know a lot about me from my (personal) twitter (way more than facebook), so would we have anything to talk about? Up until he walked out to my car (he was staying in a different city a half hour away and didn’t drive here), I had never even heard his voice. All I knew about him was from little pictures on an app, 140 characters of what he wanted to say about himself and to me, and texting. It basically felt like a blind date with a lot of built up anticipation and a general knowledge and expecation of who the person was going to be.

I drove to where he was staying pretty late at night because they were having a family dance until midnight, and he came out to the car and got in. We joked about how we’re actually real people and then tried to figure out something to do. He said it was my state so I should know, but I argued that it was a completely different city. I told him I had passed a park on the way there that we could go to so we set off for that down the road.

The park actually ended up being a junior high, so we decided to just set out a blanket on the lawn. The lawn was wet from sprinklers, so he suggested walking around to the back in case there were bleachers somewhere. [I’m not gonna lie, right around this point I was slightly nervous he was an ax murderer and wondering what on earth I had gotten myself into, but knew he was a good person so was trying to push down my paranoia as we headed around the side of the school.]

From his online/texting persona and humor, I figured he would be the outgoing, smooth, funny type but he was actually a lot more mellow and quiet than I imagined. He was more like me.

There was a big open field in the back, and no bleachers in sight. Across the entire back field, there was a fence bordering the end, with what appeared to be a little one-row bleacher right up against it. The grass back there was wet too, so I joked that it better be a bench or me and my shoes were not gonna be happy. Luckily for him and my soaked flats, it was.

We sat down next to each other and put the blankets over us, as it was a chilly night. The moon was full and lit up the whole field in front of us. I have always loved full moons so that alone already created quite the magical feeling, but it was made better having an attractive guy there. We started talking general information, but then went deeper about ourselves, our lives, and our past loves. We talked about our personal principles, likes, and dislikes. He told me of a girl he recently dated that broke his heart, and I told him about the Fighter and Shy Guy and why they didn’t work out. We talked and laughed about our families, what we wanted out of life, our fears and little quirks, and the types of people we wanted to end up with.

For five hours straight.

We started off sitting next to each other, then either because of the cold or the comfort level, ended up getting closer and closer. Somehow we moved closer under the blankets, he put his arm around me, I leaned more into him, and before we knew it we were cuddled up in the blanket, staring at the moon and the field it lit up in front of us, and talking quietly in the silence of the night.

I felt completely comfortable with him and all my previous fears about the situation and meeting him had vanished. Our views on almost everything were very similar (he even loves country, score!), and I kept thinking to myself that for once, I met someone that had all the basic qualities and personality traits I would want in someone I dated.

We watched the moon go from being behind us to the left, all the way to the other side of the field, and before we knew it, we were watching the sunrise.

Some time around eight in the morning, we decided we should probably start to head back. We finally stood up and stretched out our stiffness from sitting in the cold for so long and began hugging each other long and tight, as if it were the last time we’d ever see each other. Knowing full well that maybe it would be.

With my face buried in his chest and almost his neck, he leaned down and with our faces so close, we started kissing. We held each other close and kissed for a long time back in our nook of the shaded open area. On the other other side of the fence and behind the bushes, the man that lived there started mowing his lawn and a couple kids had come to practice soccer further out into the field.

We made the trek back over the damp grass towards the school, this time with his arms around me, me kissing said arms, and both of us smiling at each other like we went to that junior high.

I dropped him off and drove the half hour home at 9:30 in the morning, with the words of “Enchanted” repeating in my mind and not knowing what would happen from that night-turned-day forward.

This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go
I’m wonder-struck, blushing all the way home
I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

-Taylor Swift

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2 Responses to Enchanted

  1. Shannon says:

    What a kick ass story! I love it! I hope you hear from him again and it goes somewhere. Either way it is a night that will stay with you for forever!

    • Country Girl says:

      Yeah it was definitely a fun night 🙂 Glad you like the story, I kinda feel like a creep but in today’s world not so much hopefully haha and hey at least it ended up working out! This was on the 3rd of August so an update post is forthcoming!

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