It’s A Leap of Faith

Oh hi there little blog of mine.

As an avid reader of blogs myself, any time a blog went cold I figured there was some sort of huge life change going on and us readers were out the loop on what was happening in real time. For the past five months, I have experienced this from the other side, and my previous reader suspicions were correct.

So remember how I was so confused and apathetic about what to do with my life situation and just life in general recently?

Well, after SEVEN years of working at my old company (do the math, that means I worked there since I was 18 and all during college), and five in my current position, I finally got a new job!!! And also am dating someone. Yeah. We’ll get to that later.

My old job was mostly a retail/customer service type of job, helping the occasion person that walks in with questions or an placing an order, and then it was back to surfing the internet and reading blogs for the next hour. The job itself wasn’t that glamorous (although the store and lobby are gorgeous) and sometimes (most of the time) the customers were annoying, it was only 30 hours a week, and was definitely not challenging any brain cells. The thing was though, I worked at an amazing company. A strong company. I had benefits, insurance, a 401k, a free gym membership, free products, free health screenings, and got paid pretty decently for just sitting here.

Sitting there. Comfortable. Not progressing.

So after applying to many places, interviewing at quite a few and them working out from their end or mine, I interviewed at a company that’s really similar in nature to the other company. But this new position is to be an assistant in the legal department, and I got the job. It was 40 hours a week, higher pay, and hello in a legal department! When I was trying to consider possible fields I would want to go in to, that was one of them.

But of course, because it’s my life, there was a catch. There’s always a catch.

It was only *technically* for three months, for a girl that was going on maternity leave. So I was hired through a temp service, and then depending on if she decided not to come back, I would be hired on with the company after that. But if she did come back, I was S.O.L. and out of a job.

HUGE risk.

I struggled with this decision so hard. Should I leave such a stable company and job for something that’s potentially only three months? What if she comes back and I only have the job for three months, can’t find another job, can’t find one in time or with the economy, become broke and unable to find one forever, and have to move back in with one of my parents which I never want to do and WHAT. IF.

On the plus side though, I would get job experience that I needed, seeing as how I didn’t  have any besides customer service and retail since I was 18. Experience as an assistant and in the legal field at the same time. There was also the possibility of actually working in this position after the three months, or finding another position within the company after.

After thinking, praying, and polling basically anyone within earshot as to what they would do and what I should do, I took a leap of faith and accepted the job.

I stressed about this decision after making it (and feeling good about it to begin with even) for at least a good month. I started realizing that I actually really liked the new people I worked with and that it’d be harder than I thought to have to leave them. I actually even had the thought that I should distance myself to make it easier when that time came.

Then, about halfway through, a miracle happened. One of the ladies in the department that was only part time got fired (I guess it was a long time coming), so that position was offered to the girl that went on maternity leave, and she wanted it. Her husband also got a better job which afforded her the luxury of not having to work full time to support them and keep their house. The big man upstairs was surely watching out for both of us and our lives. She gets to work part time and make the necessary money for her family, I get to stay and keep my new job, make more money, make new friends, and gain job experience.

I officially was hired January 1st as an employee with the company, instead of being a temp. It’s been a good five months working there, and an even better month and a half knowing that all the doubt and worry worked out for the best.

And take a leap of faith, cast away your doubt
Darlin’, come what may, we can work it out

The first step’s always the hardest one to take
It’s a leap of faith

-Lionel Cartwright

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2 Responses to It’s A Leap of Faith

  1. Shannon says:

    I am so happy for you! Congrats! and it is so good to see you back:)

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